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International Testing

DNA Testing in the Benfeciary's Country

As soon as the Sponsor’s DNA sample, legal documents and immigration paperwork, are delivered to the laboratory via UPS Overnight Delivery Service, the laboratory stores the Sponsor’s sample and prepares the International shipping package to be sent out immediately.

Using the information you provide to us, the laboratory will ship the proper supplies (DNA testing sample kit and paperwork) to the Embassy appointed/approved Doctor who’s office  then arranges a DNA collection appointment for the person being tested (beneficiary) in that country.

Please note: All shipments are mailed using UPS World Wide Express Shipping and are therefore expedited as quickly as possible. Please let us know if you would like to use your personal shipping account, should you have one.

It is important to know that almost every Embassy appointed/approved doctor, will charge a *small* fee to have the DNA sample collected at their location. DNA Identifiers and it’s laboratory will not know what that fee is as it varies by country, location, doctor and situation. However, the Embassy will notify the person or persons being tested about the fee before they reach their appointment. (Typically around $25.)

At the appointment, the Embassy-appointed doctor or nurse will perform the DNA Sample collection, take a photograph and fill out the proper legal documents – the same protocol the Sponsor has experienced. The package will then be shipped back to the laboratory via UPS World Wide Express Services. Once all the samples have been received, the laboratory will begin the testing process.