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DNA Identifiers is here to answer any questions that you have and offer any advice that we are quailfied to give you. We work with the general public, immigration attorney's, immigration specialists, and some government agencies, in order to provide you with a solid, reliable, Immigration DNA Test for family relationships, such as Maternity (Mother) DNA Tests or Paternity (Father) DNA Tests. Our lab, Chromosomal Laboratories, is accredited by the American Associate of Blood Banks (AABB Accredited), in order to perform DNA testing for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or INS, as well as the New York State Department of Health, The State of Texas DPS, and are FQS-I Accredited.

We begin the process by taking all of the information about your case - information about the applicants, petitioners and beneficiaries, as well as their contact information and case numbers. It is helpful if you can fax or email any of the documents that you have been issued by the Government, as we will include these in your case. (In some cases, including these documents is mandatory.)

Should any of the applicants be located outside the United States, international shipping will apply. Along with the applicant's information, we will request a minimum payment for shipping up front and will initiate the kit shipment to that country within 24 hours.

Should any applicants be located inside the United States, we will then arrange an appointment for that individual to either visit a local clinic, or have a mobile collector travel to them. From there, the DNA samples will be sent to the laboratory. When all samples have arrived the test will begin.

When the results are released we will send out multiple shipments - one set of documents to the applicant, and/or their lawyer/attorney/immigration specialist in the U.S., the other will be an "Embassy Package" sent either to the U.S. Embassy or a local Service Center in the United States. We can also email and/or fax copies of the results documents to you or a designated official.