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Release, Turn Around, and Time Frame

DNA Identifiers will notify you, the client, about the results as soon as the laboratory releases them. Paternity/Maternity DNA Test results are typically available two-business days from the date all of the samples are received at the lab. Sibling DNA Testing or Grandparent DNA Testing is typicall turn around in 3 - 5 business days.

Although DNA Identifiers uses the fastest International Shipping for all of our shipments, sometimes it can take a few weeks, to a couple of months, from start to finish to complete the DNA testing process for Immigration. Ultimately, the timing will vary depending on the speed of the Embassy and Embassy appointed/approved panel physican or clinic.

In almost all cases, the Embassy desires the official, notarized Legal DNA test results to be mailed directly from the laboratory to the Embassy, or Service Center, in order to prevent tampering or forgery and maintain the Chain-of-Custody process that makes the test LEGAL. However, in some cases, you will be able to have the results sent directly to your Immigration Officer, Attorney, Lawyer or Representative. When establishing your case, make sure that you obtain all related documentation with the request or suggestion for the DNA Test. Once testing has been completed, and the results are available for release, the laboratory will mail the official, notarized results and supporing documentation, called the Embassy Package, directly to the Embassy or U.S. Service Center, as well as to whomever you, the client, has requested in writing that they be mailed to (such as yourself and your lawyer).

You may elect to also receive the initial results notification in any manner of your choosing: phone call, email, fax or any combination of your choice. The official, notarized legal documents detailing the results will be delivered in the mail to you via USPS mail, unless you elect to pay for expedited shipping. You may elect to have up to three results documents delivered to your desired location (beyond the Embassy Package). Therefore, if you wish to have three or less of the official DNA Testing Results Legal Documents mailed to more than one national location, you will not pay a fee unless you elect to use expedited delivery for additional legal documents printed and shipped.