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The DNA Testing Fee varies according to type of test, number of people being tested, testing location, and clinical or mobile collection fees. We offer competitive rates and fair prices. Please call a DNA Identifiers representative for more info and a service quote. You may also visit the listed country to get more information about services for and within that country.



Inside the United States: If the applicant or applicants are located inside the United States, we can arrange a DNA Collection appointment at a local clinic or dispatch a mobile collector if they are in a participating area. There are fees for the DNA collection. Most clinical fees range from $25 - $35 per person, however some can be higher or lower, depending on your location. Mobile collector fees vary, as well.

Outside the United States/International: If any of the applicants are located outside the united states, their DNA appointment will be conducted by, or at, any of the following, depending upon location: U.S. Embassy, U.S. Consulate, Approved Panel Physical, Approved DNA Collection Clinic. There are fees for these collection services and they vary based on what is charged in that country. In all cases, the fee is paid in person at the time of the appointment. For more information, please visit your country in this site. If we have received a response from the Embassy, Clinic or Panel Physician regarding their fees and practices, we have placed that information on that page.



Inside the United States: If all applicants are located within the United States, we can send you to a clinic or mobile collector in your area who will have the DNA collection kits on hand. This collector will also ship the DNA samples back to the laboratory using FedEx Next Day Service. One U.S. shipment is always included in the fee. If the applicants are in different U.S. locations and the DNA collection is split, there will be an additional FedEx Fee of $25. In some cases, the DNA Test Results are requested to be shipped to a United States Service Center, such as Vermont or Laguna Niguel. In this case, the fee to process the paperwork and send the DNA Test Results will all supporting documentation via FedEx Next Day Air is $75. However, should the DNA Test Results need to go to an Embassy located outside the U.S., there will be a fee to send the shipment via International Expedited Shipping.

Outside the United States/International: If all, or some, of the applicants are located outside the United States, multiple International shipments will occur and the client will be charged accordingly. Rates are based on current market prices set by the shipping company, as well as a small handling fee to hand create, print, pack and ship, track, manage all shipments and cases. If one or more of the applicants is located inside the United States, their DNA collection shipment to send their samples back to the lab will be free. The shipping legs may include any of the following:

  1. The DNA Sample Collection Kit to be shipped Internationally to the collection location (Embassy appointed/approved Doctor/Clinic in that county.)
  2. The completed DNA Sample Collection Kit to be shipped back to the laboratory in the US (we provide the return shipping label)
  3. The official, LEGAL, notarized documents to be shipped directly from the lab back to the Embassy in the county of origin for processing. In some cases, the results will go to the local service center. Fees will remain the same should this be the case.


DNA Identifiers will accept Visa or Master Card, Money Order, Personal or Cashier's Check, and in some cases, CASH.

We hope this answers all of your questions about DNA Testing for Immigration. Please contact us with any further questions. We are more than happy to help you find any answer you might have regarding DNA Testing!  (866) DNA-IDFY (362-4339) For more information about DNA Testing, please visit our main site: www.dna-testing-paternity.com