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Immigration Genetic DNA Testing for Haiti

Helpful Contact Information:

US Embassy and Consular Services of Haiti website:haiti.usembassy.gov


Consular Services
U.S. Embassy of the United States of America
Route De Tabarre,
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Business Hours for the U.S. Embassy are as follows:
Monday to Friday 7 AM to 3:30 PM

The Embassy is closed on American and Haitian Holidays.

General Contact Details:

Telephone: 229-8000

Fax: 2-229-8028

Haiti VISA Services:

DNA Collection Fee: $10 per person, cash only at the Embassy or $50 per person at the panel physician's office.
Applicants pay DNA fees directly to the Embassy or the panel physician.

Notes: The Embassy only collects DNA sapmes for Imigrations cases satrting with PTP all other Immigration case are collected by Dr. Elie.

Here are the changes the Embassy has announced:

  • The embassy will contact the beneficiary(ies) in Haiti by mail to notify them that the DNA sample collection kit has been received by the embassy. Clinics are to provided 2 phone numbers for the beneficary, and one email for either the beneficary or petitioner.
  • Payment for DNA sample collection MUST be paid by the beneficiary and paid directly to the embassy at the time of collection. Laboratories in the United States are NOT collect payment for sample collection fees from your client and send it in with the petitioner’s sample. The embassy laid out specific instructions that fees will be collected at the embassy by the beneficiary, the cost will be equivalent to $10 U.S. dollars per person.
  • Paperwork from the embassy or Dept of Homeland Security MUST accompany the kit sent to the embassy.

Any and all information on this page is subject to change at any time by the Embassy. This information was gathered based on information we have received via documentation or direct contact with the Embassy. If there is a discrepancy with this information, please feel free to contact us at info@immigration-test.com so that we may correct our information.

About Our Services

DNA Identifiers provides fast, convenient and private DNA Testing services

TO BEGIN the DNA testing process, you will need to provide a copy of the immigration paperwork from the Embassy (if available), the immigration case number(s) and the contact information for the “beneficiary/applicant” if in a foreign county. If applicants are located outside the United States, you will have to pay a minimum deposit for the shipping fees. We will arrange DNA collections for U.S. based applicants and/or then ship the DNA testing kit to the Embassy.

Service Fees

The DNA Testing Fee varies according to type of test, number of people being tested and testing locations. We offer competitive rates and fair prices. Please call a DNA Identifiers representative for more info and a service quote. (Shipping fees are listed below.)

The DNA Collection Fee varies at each location. Fees are typically charged on a per person basis. Within the United States most clinics charge between $25 to $35 dollars per person to preform the DNA Collection. Mobile collectors are also available in many locations. Mobile collectors can travel to you in order to collect your DNA sample. (Therefore, you will not have to travel to a clinic.) Mobile collectors can meet with you at a safe and convenient location, most likely your residence or lawyer’s office and collect your DNA Sample in a legally-binding manner.

At the Collection Appointment you will need to provide valid photo identification. During the testing/collection appointment, the collector will take a photograph of your face, fill out the laboratory’s legally-binding paperwork and collect a DNA sample using a painless cotton swab (buccal).

International Shipping Fees will occur if applicants are located outside the United States. You, the client, will also need to pay International Shipping fees for two or three shipments. In most cases, we will take shipping fees as a deposit to get your case started. The three shipments are as follows:

  • The DNA Sample Collection Kit will be shipped to the collection location (At this time the Embassies are the only approved location where we can ship a DNA test kit).
  • The completed DNA Sample Collection Kit will be shipped back to the laboratory in the US using pre-paid return shipping envelopes.
  • The official, Legally-binding, notarized documents will be shipped directly from the lab back to the Embassy in the county of origin or to a United States Service Center for processing. (You will also receive your own set of documents.)

The estimated cost of shipping for Haiti is $165.00. This fee is subject to change, but we will quote the exact fee to you in person.

DNA Identifiers will accept Cash, Money Order, Visa or Master Card, or Check by Phone, Money Order or Cashiers Check.

We hope this answers all of your questions about DNA Testing for Immigration. Please contact us with any further questions or for your own personalized Quote. We are more than happy to help you find any answer you might have regarding DNA Testing! (888) DNA-IDFY (362-4339)